Water-Food-Energy project: Lisette Beets in Alberta

Water-Food-Energy Nexus project in Alberta

Lisette Beets (October 2016)

My name is Lisette Beets and I did an internship at the University of Alberta in Edmonton from May until October, 2016. This internship was part of my MSc degree ‘Earth and Environment’ at the Wageningen University and focused on the Water-Food-Energy Nexus project. This project is created to study the conflicts and similarities between the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors regarding the water use. If fresh water scarcity will occur in the future, this will have great impact on the society. I was focusing on the Water-Energy part by setting up a research with an integrated surface and groundwater model to predict the future water availability in an area in Alberta with increasing oil and gas industry. After my internship another master student from the University of Alberta took over my research for his thesis.

I really enjoyed my stay in Edmonton, the first thing I noticed at my arrival is that everything in Canada is bigger: The roads, cars, houses and so on. The people are very helpful and friendly and it didn’t took me long to find some nice friends to hang out with. I was also amazed by the distances everybody easily drives. The Rocky Mountains were considered close to Edmonton, ‘only a four hour drive’. From the Netherlands I would already be in France, which is considered very far.  The nature is beautiful and untouched, this is something unique in Canada where the nature is highly appreciated and respected. It is very common for the Albertans to go to the mountains during a long weekend, so obviously I made some new friends (with a car) and went to the Rockies as often as possible. The winters in Edmonton can be very cold, so I’ve been lucky to stay there during summer. In fact, it started snowing the day after I left.

I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to do my internship in Edmonton. Therefore I would like to acknowledge ACSN for giving me financial support to make this journey possible. Besides learning a lot during my internship, I also had the chance to get familiar with the Canadian culture and people. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life.